I designed this collection using this vintage suitcase and minimal design inspiration from Céline (Phoebe Philo) & Hussein Chalayan, along with research on Iceland and Icelandic patisserie! (Yes, I will answer questions on these seemingly unrelated stimuli!)
The designs, patterning, technical design, fabrication, laser-cutting, and construction were all carried out by yours truly. Garments are fully lined and made from 100% natural fibers (wool, silk, linen, and leather). Enjoy!
The zipped off cape sides from the jacket can be zipped together and styled in various ways!
This laser-cut skirt is reversible (rust colored on reverse) and features 4 layers of silk and hooks in the waistband which can be functional is paired the the rust leather top or black linen shorts, each of which have hidden eyes so that they can be worn as one garment.
These linen shorts have eyes (as in hook & eyes) hidden in the waistband so that the silk maxi skirt can be attached and worn with the black decorative waistband of the shorts showing for a different look.
This tailored jacket can be worn with the cape overlay, or zipped off for a more casual blazer look.

Thanks for viewing my work and do keep in touch! 

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