Collaborative Men's Trend Research Project: 7 Deadly
Graphic design & color - Leah Rama, Text & pencil sketches - Josh Casey
"...the Seven Deadly trends personify the idea of all things superfluous. Bold color palettes that compliment the lavish lifestyles of a Bloke enrich his personal style and brand him to a level all its own. This season, the Seven Deadly is redefining the modern man. Sophisticated, modern silhouettes and striking details allow for a versatile collection that transitions between business and leisure settings, and everything in the interim. Whether it be a metallic gunmetal leather and silk velvet blazer or a pair of cayman leather riding pants, the Seven Deadly will transform any old Joe into a social warrior. With accessories that seem obnoxiously opulent to the reserved man, this season's selections allow him to walk ferociously and create his own destiny. So march forth sir, march forth!"

Textile development - seamless patterns

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