"Aesthetics of Anxiety" walks the line between commercial fashion film and short narrative film. It brings story and intrigue to an original macrame clothing collection by Bayan Sardari by drawing a surreal parallel to a spider and its prey. The intricacies and craftsmanship of the dress are reflected in the web motif, and the designer gives life to her design in the tension between predation and self-sacrifice.
Fashion Designer, Set Designer, Stylist: Bayan Sardari
Producer, Production Designer, Writer: Leah Rama
Director, Screen-writer, DP, Editor: Ehsan Abbasi
Models: Leah Rama, Azra Cerimovic
Special Thanks to Prof. Sarah Collins and Eric Romulo Rama
Sound Track: Black Widow Spider, A documentary by Ken Middleham Production, 1960
Music: Symphony No.3, F Major Op.90-III, Poco Allegretto, by Brahms, 1800s

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