Sound-inspired visual compilation answering Prada Journal's prompt " to reflect upon the specific theme of the relationship between one's inner world and the world outside – the Inner Landscapes of each."

Statement on Clouds + Self:

I'm a cerebral person, usually deep in thought. I'm generally unassuming as I go about things - no need for fanfare. 

But should you notice me and look my way, you will quickly feel my buoyant & light-hearted attitude. I live with lifted spirits, and (I have been told enough times to believe that) my low-key existence and general cheer provides others a calming & reassuring perspective. I am simple, but interesting. I love learning & experiencing new things and I let these experiences change me over time.

My inner landscape is ever moving, flattening in serene layers of contentment, then billowing up in jovial cumulus laughter, sprinkling into smaller, more focused areas, then clustering into a crescendo of magnificent nebulous forms, glowing in sunshine rays that reveal the breadth and dimension that exists within.
People may say my head is in clouds, and they might be right. Even so, the view is spectacular.

Music by Gaby Moreno, Ilusión, 2016.

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